The itch app manual

This book is a living documentation for the itch app. As all documentation, it will surely be flawed. However, our hope is that by making it honest, often-updated, and easy to contribute to, it will remain useful and relevant for years to come.

Its intended audience includes:

  • People who just want to play games with the app
  • People who make games and would like to integrate them with the app
  • People who would like to help improve the app itself


If you find a typo, a factual inaccuracy, or an important caveat not covered in this book, feel free to submit a pull request directly on our GitHub repository:

One could argue that a git repository is, in fact, not the best way to encourage people to contribute to your book. However, GitHub is easy to sign up for and provides file editing and PR submission functionality without leaving the browser, which seems like an adequate compromise between "low barrier to entry" and "high overhead for maintainers".

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